• used and new industrial laundry equipment

  • used and new industrial laundry equipment

Expect excellence when purchasing used industrial laundry equipment from JP Equipment, Inc.

JP Equipment, Inc. sells used industrial laundry equipment.  Our technical services include equipment reconditioning, laundry design and consultation, and plant and equipment appraisals. We sell industrial laundry equipment throughout the United States and globally. Our customers are industry leaders, small family owned laundries, and everyone in between. We provide unparalleled service whether you are selling equipment, building a new laundry or upgrading an existing facility. We have been in the used industrial laundry business since 1998.

  Visit JPE Inc. our sister company.  JPE Inc. provides exclusive sales representation for these manufacturers:

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Mat Processing System

Premium mat roll machines & mat storage systems.

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Most efficient mat rollers on the market.

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OLMA Laundry Equipment

Handle all of your dry linens with a single folder.

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